dangerous cartoon act.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brighton hippy, Apr 13, 2010.

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  1. http://www.backlash-uk.org.uk/wp/?page_id=547
    now beating nonces is close to the hear of most arrsers although others have much more creative approaches.

    Although this Law is aimed at nonces it like most badly though out laws covers a lot more. cartoon of tony tiger being rogered your nicked for poessing extreme porn.
    you can draw illegal picutres bit like gloryifying terrorism a bizarrie non crime.
    with a bit of work you could create an illegal flowchart.
    lisa simpson being rogered thats child porn that is :? if your get turned on by sexual imagery of the simpons you need help :twisted:

    is it porn or is it art coming to a court house near you :x
    first they came for people who owned jap tenactle porn and I did not speak out as I was shitting myself
  2. Jap cartoons are fcuking weird anyway.
  3. This reminds me of how you can be put on the sex offenders register for public urination in an alley. There still aren't enough public toilets in London, and everyone's had to do it. It's argued that it should be a crime because of the potential damage and clean-up costs, yet the act is automatically assumed to be sexual in nature, which is just incorrect. Attitudes are becoming very Victorian here.
  4. true but should you be labelled a nonce for looking at a cartoon :x
  5. No victim = no crime?

    Is that the idea?

    Well as everyone seems to blame society when they get caught how about claiming society is the victim when weird stuff is foist upon us?

    So Jap wierd sh1t = crime against society = go to jail for looking at it.

    Works for the muslims so why not for the rest of us?
  6. I thought I was well-versed in everything amine but Jap Tenacle [sic} porn is a new wrinkle I've not heard of. Would that be anything like this device for self-pleasure? It looks like a tentacle I grant you. I don't remember seeing any cartoons though (unless they were some niche stuff that is not on open display... :? )

  7. lots of jap animne involve monsters raping school girls usually with tentacles jap censorship rules.
    living proof they were'nt bombed nearly enough I suppouse :twisted:

    still stands weird and twisted cartoons may not be child porn but might still get you jailed
  8. I just google imaged "tentacle anime".

  9. I do hope you are not at work :omg:
  10. An awful lot of classical art is going to become illegal very quickly then.....
  11. Jeez...So did I. 8O 8O
  12. It was the Victorians with their public spirit that built all the toilets. They were giants, we are just pygmies standing on their shoulders. Pissing on them as well. Let`s have some more of your resurrgent Victorian attitudes. :)
  13. Wow! 8O 8O

    Every day's a school day it seems. :p :pc:
  14. I just came.
  15. Tentacle and Furry? Thats.. a new one... Then again, some of the Jap ones are slightly.. disturbing to say the least...

    Bugger it, what am I saying?