Dangerous Camping Ground......

"Is this the most dangerous campsite in the world? Pitching a tent on the side of a 4,000ft cliff face

For many people, a camping trip is enough to get them sweating before they've even put up a tent pole. But for these daredevil explorers, scaling cliffs and pitching tents at the height of more than 300 double decker buses is just a normal day at the office. Hanging precariously in tents off a 4,000ft sheer cliff face, these climbers are chasing the most dangerous big wall climbs ever attempted".

Hope none of them suffers from eating a bad kebab and develops a bad case of the squitters..... in the wind.....


Pitching on cliff faces isn't that dangerous as long as you know what your doing. Camping high in the Karakoram would be more dangerous due to the ever changing weather conditions.
Bit awkward nipping next door for a few Bevvies.
Incredible when you think that the frist ascent of Half Dome took 5 days and now people free climb it in one day
This isn't something unusual for this type of climbing. A type of climbing that I might add, you wouldn't get me up there for almost absolutely anything.

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