"Dangerous Book For Boys"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Biscuits_Brown, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. Fathers of lads, or even non parents who never stopped being lads themselves.... You need this book!!!

    Amazon UK

    Reviews of said from Guardian & Telegraph

  2. Has it got pictures of Biggles in it, saving the Empire and sorting-out Johhny Foreigner?
  3. Bevis, the story of a boy. Written about 100 years ago and incredibly non PC, the eponymous hero builds miniature cannons (full recipe included), shoots at just about any wildlife that strays in front of him, plays for real with punt guns..........................thoroughly recommended! Read it when I was about 10 but I've yet to see it in todays bookshops more's the shame!
  4. Try here http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1853261637/?tag=armrumser-21
  5. Apparently... Yes.

    Which is one of the reasons some people have their knickers in a twist over it.
  6. Bought it for my dad for fathers day. He was, by all accounts, delighted - conkers and marbles in his pockets, building rafts etc.

    Mum was less pleased when he put frogs in the bed.
  7. mattmo74-cheers!
  8. Nelson, Bader, how to build a tree house, how to skin a rabbit, history of the Empire (including the conclusion it was worth it because in the end we stuffed Hitler), skimming stones, 4 pages on how to make a bow and arrow and a history of artillery. This book has it all. Also includes a table of metric and imperial measurements (to help those struggling with said thread in the NAAFI). Best 12 quid I have spent this year.
  9. Anybody remember 'Kung?' "Clicky Bat" the Hafgan who used to appear in one of the boys comics when I wuz a lad ?


  10. The PC nazis wouldn't let him get away with cracking skulls these days, was it in Beano, Buster, Valiant, Eagle, Lion, Dandy or what??, wish I'd kept all those old comics, must be worth a mint some of them.
  11. Clicky bat and the Wolf of Kabul were in Valiant methinks
  12. If we are talking non-PC, how about Captain Hurricane and his batman, Maggot Malone in their eternal battle against "sausage-noshing Krauts", "slant-eyes Saki guzzling Nips" and "spaghetti swallowing Spiks"? Now, there was a true-blue, home-grown hero! Funny, we dont see much of them these days either.
  13. Next thing we know is some of you guys are going to say you remember 'Champion', 'Hotspur', and the like. That will date you........yeh...well, 'Champion' was my favourite.
  14. Wot about Peter Flint in Warlord anybody remember him?
  15. War Lord....that brings back memories. Many (many) years ago I was on an exercise in Germany, called Steinlar Express. We were on a briefing in the OCs box-body, where there was a huge map of the area spread across the entire interior end wall of the vehicle, marked up with the usual stuff. Unit locations, friendly forces, boundaries etc. Plotting our next move, the OC was being very professional in seeking a location with good vehicular access and exit routes and overhead cover for a large supply unit.

    However, he tended to talk at rather than to us, and was loathe to take advice, pompously dismissing any suggestions or recommendations. He also had difficulty in orientation, frequently confusing East with West and having to turn his back to the map to get his head round where he really was on the ground, much to the mirth and stifled chuckles of the Platoon Commanders and NCOs being briefed.

    Finally, with a flourish of his indicator, he pointed to a location on the map which had everything he seemed to want and proudly announced..."This is the ideal location and we will move into the village of Feba after last light" (or whenever)

    At this point, the CQMS awoke, announced loudly that the OC got his tactics out of War Lord and that the village of Feba was in fact the Forward Edge of the Battle Area, farted and promplty went back to sleep again. Classic!