Dangerous behaviour.

How fucking dangerous is "keeping yourself to yourself"?

I mean it appears to damn you to death or insanity.

The neighbour's statement on a murder victim for the telly , 9 times out of 10 will include "he was very quiet, kept himself to himself"
Equally, when plod catch whoever did it their neighbour will tell the TV cameras how shocked they are as "He was never any trouble at all, just kept himself to himself".

I suggest that everyone should become very gregarious.
For a similar reason I'm a complete bastard and thus will be immortal.

Whenever someone dies, occasionally a grisly death at the hands of others, the tributes pour in ; "He was a perfect father/son/brother/husband/boyfriend etc", "Never harmed a soul, had a nasty word for anyone, allways helped others before himself"

Fuck that, bastardy will always win in the end.


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I mean it appears to damn you to death or insanity.
If you are aware of another path to walk, feel free to share it with the group?

For my part I do hope the neighbors have the decency to tell the truth. "He was an alarming nutter and best avoided. When we didn't see him for some weeks, some of us let our children out to play in the streets. We are concerned that his mad dog has not been found".

Alive or dead, I am nobodies idea of a perfect father/son/brother/husband/ and will only be a perfect boyfriend under certain fairly well defined circumstances.
Nah. Wrong. The people saying this are the neighbours who never got to know him because he regarded them as a waste of space. My neighbours are like that, they are nosey bastards gossips and I don't see any need to get to know them. In this same block of masonettes, the neighbours that have been here longest still call me "that man" because they know nothing about me. That's how I like it to be. Whenever I go out and about, hobbies, pastimes, adventures, etc It's never nearby but always further afield. They might say this, "he kept himself to himself" malarky but I'm sure that if someone started a rumour they'd be just as quick to say, "I always knew there was something odd about him..."
Keeping yourself to yourself will get you in as much trouble as mnding your own business.

I mean how often have you heard "there I was minding my own business, when all of a sudden......."
This shit is just fucking deadly.

Best to be a complete and utter cunt, and mind everyone elses business, after a few weeks of it people will fuck off sharpish when they see you coming, leaving you the perfect opportunity to keep yourself to yourself.......or something.
The neighbours always say "he kept himself to himself" because if they said "I spoke to him everyday and he seemed mental, always going on about world of Warcraft, knives and shooting people, I suppose really I should have guessed he was likely to shoot all his work colleagues/family members, the signs were all there" they would look like a cunt
Since the advent of the Tazer and baton guns plod don't get the chance to shoot sword loonies with good old fashioned 9mm hollowpoint anymore.


I used to keep myself to myself but have recently started gobbing off and invading my own privacy, just to be on the safe side.


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Now you have me worried. I have one neighbour who is a lovely man, quiet and unassuming, and on the other side is a noisy smelly unemployed and unemployable twat. I'm getting scared about the nice bloke.

I suspect that my neighbours consider me to be a little eccentric, although I have not ever murdered a prostitute and dissected her, and put her body parts in the freezer, all neatly labelled, so I can look at them later. Definitely not me.
'He always kept himself to himself',

'The body was found by a man out walking his dog'.

I'm seeing a pattern emerging here.


I`m not sure but they don`t talk to me either if that helps.

They did start eyeing me with suspicion once they found out I was an ex pongo though.
Ah! Then they already know you're a cunt so best keep yourself to yourself to avoid embarrassment.
Im quite happy to loudly and aggressively voice my opinion to anyone who pisses me off , yes Im an opinionated twat ,the missus says I need to calm down , my daughters say Im a complete nutter so really I`m normal and safe.
You're talking about my bezzer's brother.

Obsessed with Hitler, guns, knives, Ghurkas, Al Jazeera and the like.

A bricklayer by trade, but only works one or two days a week on account of 'The Monday Club'

No proper home to go to, and lives a sort of 'Trainspotting Lifestyle'

Add mind blowing amounts of weapons grade skunk as garnish.

I can't fucking wait til he goes postal. He's 35, so should be any day now.

It will be fucking spectacular.

Book early to get a good seat?

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