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Dangerous Airsoft Adventures for Boys

Channel Five Wed at 21.00 following combat chefs.

Bradley Walsh: SAS.
Series in which famous dads and their sons embark on exhilarating adventures. Actor Bradley Walsh and his ten-year-old son, Barney, learn what it was like to serve in the SAS during World War Two. The pair undergo intensive training in survival techniques, vehicles and firearms before being pitched into the middle of a war-games exercise on a mission to capture an enemy base.
I wonder if Prince Castleshortt VC will be there.
or chris "i've killed hundreds" ryan?

could be good for a laugh


Kit Reviewer
PrayingMantis said:
or chris "i've killed hundreds" ryan?

could be good for a laugh
Particularly if we get to se Walsh crap his kecks when they pull the old "blank fire, punch in chest" routine...
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