Dangerous adventures for boys (Channel 5)

What a fantastic program, Bradley Walsh and his boy out on the ground having a boy hood adventure (SAS WW2 theme) Survival, shooting, driving etc. His boy loved
it; he even conducted a raid at the end, lobbing his grenade. Good effort for channel 5, good honest fun

Undoubtedly the PC crowd will say something bone
Big up to the Panzer Grenadier. You are so fcuking crated :D
Its the third one, the first was great they taught Martin Kemp (the Krays) and his son to fly and had them dog fighting in WWII training aircraft, it was brilliant, Martin Kemp's son had a fear of flying, he overcame that and ended up beating his dad. Last week was Vic Reeves and his son sailing a tall ship.

Its a great series, I think there is another 3 parts
It's a follow on from the book "Dangerous Book for Boys" by Hal & Conn Iggulden which is a cracking book. Amongst other things it coveres well-known battles all British boys should know about, how do build a go cart and other gems. I bought one for my nephew. Sadly at the age of three he's not quite ready to build a bow and arrow or put out snares! :x
I gave my mate the book for his 60th he found the bit on how to behave with girls very usefull
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