"Dangerlight" less lethal riot gun

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Gun_Doc, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. L127A1 37mm Less Lethal Gun (LLG). L67 too old and sh1t, L104 no longer made by H&K so a new UOR riot gun for Herrick.

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  2. I suppose making a Baton round for the UGL would be asking for the mother of all mistakes to happen...

    Or would it? Certainly disperse the crowd bloody quick.... :twisted:
  3. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Thats why the LLG is 37mm and not 40 (although I'd love to see that mistake on you tube)
  4. I think we should be using poisonous snakes and ratan canes like the Indian police....... but that is just me
  5. are there any riots in Afghanistan?
  6. Nearly, when we ran out of noodles.
  7. What the hell! Any info on that? 8O
  8. what's wrong with the Rupert reading out the Riot Act, giving them 5 minutes to bugger orf and then 5 rounds rapid and a slow advance with fixed bayonets? Worked well enough in the past and no dramas over "accidental deaths" :)
  9. I cant get any refrences but it has (apparently) happened. If the rioting crowd wont fak orf they chuck poisonous snakes at them and that seems to do the trick. Cant think why....
  10. Doc, any plans to use a picatinny style mount to sling it under a rifle?
  11. Good valid point 8O but we gave up the .303" in Lucknow 8)
  12. Not as far as I know. It'll be a stand alone weapon like the combat shotgun. Something else for the boys to carry and clean and another weapon variant for us to hold spares/pubs/STTE for. SEME need to start UOR courses for this, Shotgun and Sharpshooter Rifle so we know what we're doing when thrown in the deep end. But I won't hold my breath as there still isn't one for the 338.