Danger W@nks

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Lepus, May 26, 2006.

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  1. Any humourous Danger W@nk stories? I havnt got the guts to try it myself! Oh, and none from you Crabby about starting on eoff in the garden and then shouting to the little ones in the playground that they can have their ball back.

  2. Give the guy a chance, FFS!

  3. .........I wrote the wiki entry for Danger Wanks, doesn't mean I've ever partaken in one though.
  4. Recently returned from a certain range outside of Cambridge where the dirge of manning the sentry post was relieved by two blats on the phone informing me my replacement was going to be en-route in 5 mins. Deciding not to waste the internal porn download I was running at the time, a quick shuftie just off the bridle track was required. Just shaking off as my jovial comrade arrived and asked if this was the safest place to take a slash. Job done :D
  5. That's no danger w@nk.

    To make it a danger-w@nk, when you recieved the call you should have screamed 'Get him up here now, the place is going up in flames, I don't know if I can survive much longer.....the fumes....cough....[hang up]'. You then commence with said w@nk.
  6. DR - I hang my heads in shame, all I can say in my defence is that I was not expecting a middle ranking orrificer to be bounding up the track in order to replace little lowly me! Mind you got some pleasure thinking that as he was draining his water pressure he was wading over my man fat.
  7. Has my reputation spread that wide? If it helps the school is on the other side of a main road...
  8. But you still try the Danger W@nk?