Danger UXB

I've just received a 5 DVD pack of 'Danger UXB' from Amazon. Its an old TV series from the 1970s about bomb disposal in World War Two. It really is very good. I was looking forward to criticicizing everything that I thought would be wrong about it, but was rather disappointed to find it technically very accurate, right down to fuze markings and the render safe procedures of the time. There is obviously a little dramatic license in that one bloke did everything, but thats my only main criticism so far. They clearly had good technical advice when making it. Based on the 6 programmes I've watched so far, I can thoroughly recommend it.

Summary: Much as I enjoy arguing with our sapper colleagues about EOD, these programmes reminded me of how brave those boys were back then. But never forget, the RAOC were doing it before the Royal Engineers :wink:

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