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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Spanny, Nov 21, 2009.

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  1. Anyone remember this great series from 1979 starring Anthony Andrews as an officer in a bomb disposal squad during the second world war ? Avaliable on youtube at


    In my humble opinion one of the greatest pieces of drama British television ever produced . What a shame 30 years later we see ITV replace drama with reality tv
  2. I liked that one immensely when PBS broadcast it here in the US.
  3. Bought it from amazon... it arrived on 5/7/2005, watched half of it and then found the escapism element had gone.

    Your right though, bloody good TV

  4. I remember watching it on PBS in 1981 when it was one of the entries of Masterpiece Theatre. Good drama, but when you know how it's going to turn out it kind of spoils it for repeat viewings.
  5. They filmed a lot of this series down the end of my road in Bermondsey. Remember it well.

  6. It's certainly a series that isn't afraid to kill off main characters and I can remember well who dies in what order from my childhood memories . But what I'd forgotten was just how well drawn and acted the characters are . Kenneth Cranham as Jack Salt gives a superb performance as a haunted , introspective squaddie . A well known and prolific actor but one who should have perhaps gone on to greater things
  7. Not a film, but related -'Softly Tread The Brave' by Ivan Southall, a cracking factual account of the UXO officers of WW2. Mostly written from the perspective of the RANVR officers seconded to the UK, but also mentions UK and US officers as well.

    Perhaps the best parts were the numerous, incredible, stranger-than-fiction parts which would be dismissed out of hand by a Hollywood film exec (gives a new dimension to the phrase 'narrow escape')

    The copy I had was one of the old linen-bound hardcovers that was perhaps 1960's vintage, so probably long OOP, but well worth hunting down. Some of the events of Danger UXB seem very similar to the book.

    One that I dimly remember from UXB (where an officer is badly wounded when trying to clear a pier of friendly BT which were marked with (faded) spots of paint on the decking) I'm sure that the same incident was in the book, but no cas. were sustained.
  8. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Aus mate it time the Commonwealth seized back the war.

    Ideas on a post card: from india,pakistan, australia. new azealand, sffas rhodie/zims the KAR, WARs the Islands etc.

    Where the film of not so much Empire butr one and all, (and make the yankees look small).

    The yansk had3 fronts, the soviets had 2, we had 7 had we fought on :wink:

    ps Empire_britain_empire (multiculturallllllll)

    Pink PAINT WHO STOLE MY PINK PAINTTTTTTT.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink:
  9. Heard of it before but never seen it. Watched the first two episodes last night, very good.
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I remember it well as a boy I think I even had a Danger UXB annual or book I know there was a book about it which I got form the school libary
    Obviuosly none of the teachers bothered to read the book because one of the best bits as a young boy was the bit were the officer catches Salt up to his nuts in guts with the landladys daughter
    IIRC Salt went off the rails after his wife and kids get killed in the blitz

    I seem to remember a documentry on WW2 bomb disposal and it stated more officers were killed and injured trying to defuse boobytrapped piers and beaches that the home guard had rigged up than by German bombs
  11. I wouldn't be at all surprised. One of the officers in the book didn't mind dealing with the para-dropped sea-mines (which were often packed with BT intended specifically for the clearance officers- the first circuit boards, photo-electric cells etc.) but hated beach mines with a passion.
  12. Concur about Softly Tread the Brave by Ivan Southall. Other good reads about WW II Bomb & Mine Disposal incude:

    Designed to Kill by Maj Arthur Hogben RE (The Daddy of them all)
    Bomb Disposal & the British Casualties of WW2 by Chris Ransted
    All Mine! by Lt Noel Cashford MBE RNVR
    All Theirs! by Lt Noel Cashford MBE RNVR
    Bang! by Lt Noel Cashford MBE RNVR
    Ticking Clock! by Lt Noel Cashford MBE RNVR
    Secret Naval Investigator by Cdr Frederick Ashe Lincoln QC RNVR
    Service Most Silent by John Frayn Turner

    Next Thursday (26 Nov), a lunchtime event will be held on board HMS Belfast in London to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Cdr John Ouvry DSO RN first rendering safe a German Magnetic mine (Type GA) on the mudflats at Shoeburyness on 23 Nov 1939, thus solving the mystery of why so many ships had been sunk by underwater explosions during the preceding weeks. His work enabled the boffins at HMS Vernon in Portsmouth to develop effective self-protective measures for ships (degaussing coils) and mine sweeps. Ouvry's mine is displayed on board HMS Belfast, herself the victim of a magnetic mine on 21 Nov 1939 causing her to be out of service for three years. Derivatives of this ground mine were later dropped all over the country as parachute land mines during the Blitz of 1940/41. WWII veteran B & MD officer Noel Cashford and John Ouvry's son David will both be involved in the event on board Belfast.

    For some idea of the RN's contribution to wartime B & MD, both on land and at sea, look at:

    WW II Awards for RN Diving and Bomb & Mine Disposal
    (Click on other letters to see more names and citations.)
  13. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Good link that thanks
    Thats what I was reffering to I think one bloke said it the Home Guard stuff was far more dangerous than anything he'd came accross from the Germans

    That was nice of them to young to go to France so put on Bomb Disposal
  14. Some excellent books there Dunservin, another lesser known book is "Achtung Minen" written by Henry Beckingham, it is about the joint German/British Engineer clearance of Guernsey, around 66,000 mines and explosive devices, many booby traps and several were killed on both sides over the years of clearance.