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Danger Fucks


She could have done a bit of weeding as well whilst there.
:oops: :rolleyes:
Always a bit of a worry when they have the terms and conditions tattoo'd on their leg.
Wrexham nightlife is pretty rough, it makes Rhyl seem quite tame


2 years suspended sentence for Unlawful Wounding. Goodness me.
Don't know about now but at one time it carried a max of a life sentence .
Just looked it up ... A max of 5 years imprisonment these days .


Or for unlawful and malicious wounding .... That I do know :(
I was once violently attacked . I still bare the scars 40+ years later . I came off best but guess who was charged ?
Fortunately found not guilty .


Book Reviewer
She was back in court

Ex-showjumper who smeared blood over Lord lover's flat doesn't turn up for community service | Daily Mail Online

She was originally given a 120 hours unpaid work for criminal damage over the incident - but has failed to complete a single hour.
The 63-year-old was hauled back before a court today and handed a 28-day prison sentence, suspended to 12 months, after magistrates heard she had flown to South Africa rather than turn up for community service.
Isn't that the ex wife of a certain 17/21 Lancer CO who has a mention on this thread. I will see your James Ellery and raise you Reggie Purbrick
Another not entirely unattractive woman using technology to wreak havoc....She faces jail for posting revenge porn, but as she has kids will probably get a non-custodial sentence.

Yasmin Walker 29, of Scarborough is facing jail for revenge porn after posting a picture of her ex naked on social media.

She put three laughing emojis next to a photograph of her victim’s manhood with the caption: “What the f*** is that?”

She then goaded him on WhatsApp, saying: “Not my fault you got a little dick and is s*** in bed.”


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