Danger Fucks

Ulrika Johnson without the blue circle on.
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Dont Tell Him Pike will be on her like a rat up a drain pipe!
Fook she's only a year older than me - but looks about 25 years older than me. Too much sun I guess - TBH she was hot in the day, but even I would give her a knock back now....

If she was to tip up to my house and say - "Oi MrDude - I heard you had a massive sausage and I'm looking for something to pop in my gob". I would say "NO!, Look Ulrika, I admired your good looks when you were in Gladiators, but to tell the truth - you've let yourself go a bit & now look like you've been dragged out of a coffin - so call me Mr Unadventurous but I'm going to have to say NO, find that sausage elsewhere you old aged looking hag".


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