Danger Fucks

I wouldn't need to resort to such tactics to have her bucking and thrusting. She'd be doing that naturally attempting to dismount my joystick.

There may be a "slight" exaggeration in that last sentence. I'm sure you've heard the expression, throwing a sausage into the mersey tunnel. I'm not saying hers is like the tunnel, more the sausage isn't as large as I implied.
Don't forget only one sausage. :oops:
I used to wonder about packets of three. I only have one *sausage.

* Well cocktail more like, but shh keep it to yourself.
One to accidentally put your finger through while trying to put it on.
One to drop on the car floor and accidentally unravel.
One to get it right and hope she hasn't lost the notion in the meantime.
"Mr Marshman, who said he had drunk 13 pints of beer, initially described what happened to him as 'completely uncalled for'."

I'm surprised he felt anything after 13 pints.
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While whispering gently in her ear that RLB had to go and that you love the way SKS is providing principled leadership to the party
Put a ball gag on her, ride her from behind and when you want a bit of a bucking bronco whisper in her ear "I'm Jewish"


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She bears an alarming resemblance to a female friend of mine who, unlike Hopkins, successfully completed RMAS and did 20 years Regular service afterwards.
If your friend was an RMP Officer that is exactly who I thought of when I first saw a photo of Katie Hopkins.


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Kim Yo-jong

Younger sister of North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un


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