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Chelsea Mitchell, 28, She was found guilty of assisting an offender today who killed a man on a train.
Bet she is happy to be on arrse instead of someone coming over her arse.
I think it has a twin.

'A remorseless Victorian woman who doused her partner in enamel thinner and set him alight before he died in agony has been jailed for at least 28 years. Bendigo woman Kate Stone, 41, still denies she murdered her long-term partner and father of her children, Darren Reid, during December 2016. "For no obvious reason, you ended the life of the man you say you loved in an excruciating manner, making him suffer unimaginable pain," Supreme Court Justice Lesley Taylor, while sentencing her on Friday.'

Vic woman jailed for setting lover on fire
Not bad for her age, she must be what? 120?
I think you’d need more than one man to cover her arse - more a herd of elephants.
Looks like a Brigade frontage, to me.
How can you post in Danger Fucks without including a picture? Mods immediate ROPS for @Just_plain_you please!


From the article:

"Tpr Holmes was said to have forced herself against the younger soldier, tried to kiss him and rubbed her body against his, before being pulled off by a furious officer who reacted to the male soldier’s cries for help."

I'd be furious too if I'd been forced to witness such a display of depravity without an invitation to participate.......

Anyway seems she was let off the sexual assault which happened earlier the year. Wonder if they'll be so forgiving over the drug taking?

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