Danger Fucks


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Not sure if I understand this correctly.
As I read it a woman accused her oke of rape and he was due to be inside for ten years plus according to his family.

Then he's proven innocent, she's busted and found guilty.
But only gets sent down for just over three years...?

I thought generations of women had "battled on the ramparts of freedom" to get equality with men.
Have I been reading the struggle incorrectly for years, or just misunderstanding the word "equality" ?
Both the Bible and Qu'aran mention this in a very similar manner, can't remember the Surah but it's along the lines of: "women - you can't live with them but some are good fucks."
Any mention of them having to be breathing?

Asking for a friend.
Jayne Secker of Sky TV

Looking smug for being on arrse.
Just don't mention how the poor creature copes being a landlord allegedly!
Jayda Fransen is so happy to be back on arrse!

She his showing off her big chest (breast's) of hate...and a religious fan too it seems, The First Church of Arrse.

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