Danger Fucks



Many moons ago I shagged a Dutch bird who was an epileptic. She came so hard she went into a fit. That was quite interesting!

Thats not funny my sister died in the bath having a fit,

before you lot say why didnt you chuck the washing in?

She choked on a sock.


War Hero
there are some interesting type arrsers on this thread. i must have lead a sheltered life,
I like zigsaw dogging i do.


She also said that they don't use safe words and when the victim says "no" it means "yes," according to the report.
I can see how such ambiguity can lead to confusion


Yes please, after a thorough search.

Apparently she likes it up the poo chute:

Wikipedia said:
On her second day on the stand, Arias said that their sex life included oral sex and anal sex; she said the anal sex was painful for her the first time they experienced it together and that while she considered oral sex and anal sex to be real sex, Alexander did not and he believed these forms of sexual activity, in contrast to vaginal sex, were technically not against Mormon rules. She said that they eventually had vaginal sex, but less often.


Me. That's one fine femme fatale.

This guy's Mrs is pretty tasty too.


I've posted on here before about the time I booked a lady wrestler for a shoot, no guys turned up and I had to fight her. As she cheerfully went about the business of murdering me, I do recall thinking what a great way it was to go being crushed between her thighs.

Not entirely surprised the police managed to fuck that one up. Apart from actually writing her own confession the lazy dimwits failed to see the clues. Ie. I am going to kill someone. In four separate 999 calls. In fact, you could almost say the police murdered her through their stupidity.
Bumped for this:

Not bad for a lezzer; just bear in mind that she has 'marital aids*' and likes to use them - whether you want to or not!

*Is that like good AIDS or bad AIDS?
She also likes the "no means yes" game.
A friend in Manchester used to shag a dangerous bitch..........

He'd take her home for a shag when his wife was away and she liked to leave used knickers hidden behind the furniture for laughs.

She found out when he left a VHS tape lying around with a session on it.

I had a revenge fuck hinted at, but I was being faithful to my second wife to be.

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