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This is doing the rounds today. Apologies for the DM link, but it's the only one I could find that shows the damage she inflicted on him: Abused by my girlfriend: Alex Skeel reveals injuries from Jordan Worth | Daily Mail Online
Seen that, horrendous for the lad but I still find it hard to get my head around why he continued to put up with her doing that to him! We've all had 'mates' who disappear off the face of the earth as soon as they get with some girl who they think they are punching above their weight with, and then spend the rest of their lives living in subservience doing whatever she says to keep her happy, but you'd still like to think they would walk away if she started battering them.
I've never quite seen the attraction of sharing a woman with another geezer.

The only actual person I've ever encountered who owned up to this actual peccadillo was ex- 3 Para.

Enough said...
and what about the two men that were involved?


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Here's one 'd only take home to meet mother if your name was Norman Bates.
A naturalised Frog from Wop/Gyppo called Dalida - which I think means Jonah.

"In January 1967, she took part in the Sanremo Festival with her new lover, Italian singer, songwriter, and actor Luigi Tenco. The song he presented was "Ciao amore ciao" ("Bye Love, Bye"), which he sang together with Dalida but Tenco failed despite Dalida's performance. Tenco committed suicide on 27 January 1967, after learning that his song had been eliminated from the final competition. Tenco was found by Dalida in his hotel room with a bullet wound in his left temple and a note announcing that his gesture was against the jury and public's choices during the competition. Prior to Tenco's suicide, Dalida and he had become engaged. One month later, Dalida attempted to commit suicide by drug overdose at the Prince de Galles hotel in Paris. She spent five days in a coma and several months convalescing. Dalida returned to the stage the following October.

In December 1967, she became pregnant by a 22-year-old Italian student, Lucio. She had an abortion that left her infertile.

In September 1970, her former husband (1956–1961) Lucien Morisse, with whom she was on good terms, committed suicide, shooting himself in the head.

In April 1975, her close friend, singer Mike Brant leapt to his death from an apartment in Paris. He was 28. Dalida had contributed to his success in France when he opened concerts for her in 1971 at l'Olympia.

In July 1983, her lover from 1972 to 1981, Richard Chanfray, committed suicide by inhaling the exhaust gas of his Renault 5 car.

On the night of 2 May to 3, 1987, Dalida committed suicide by overdosing on barbituates."

Definitely one to get you screaming, "STEER AWAY !"
Shamima Begum would be a shoe-in for this thread if she was even remotely shaggable.


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Shamima Begum would be a shoe-in for this thread if she was even remotely shaggable.
Reported for grimist comment.
Shamima Begum would be a shoe-in for this thread if she was even remotely shaggable.
Be a bit like the old moped line "fun to ride, but you don't want your mates to see you!"
BUT here in lies a total master stroke........... If YOU went full Burka or Niqab you would be......

A. Totally guilt free and nobody would know.
B. Be able to claim you had really fcuked IS up the arrse.

Always look for positive outcomes chaps!!!

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