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Danger Fucks

‘Smirking’ mum hit dad of her kids with car then called him a drama queen

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Runswick claimed that she had been trying to go into reverse and slipped into driving forward, but this was thrown out by the jury and she was convicted of dangerous driving. Kyra Badman, defending, explained it was a ‘bad example of dangerous driving’ and said Runswick was the sole carer for her three children who are 5, 6, and 15. She shares two of them with Mr Robinson.

Wallasey used to be a nice area when I was a lad!

Still, I've done worse.
Bus stop and female, what do you expect?


Fancy being corrupted by a paedo?



Book Reviewer
Walls Pork Sausages .

What !!

Well yew said say sumfing warm an tender......
Just look at the fizzog on this one. Definately a DF in my opinion.

Furthermore, this is more proof on my theory that it is called 'crack cocaine' because of where dealers hide it!