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Danger Fucks


War Hero
Whisper half way through fcuking her you voted Democrat she will buck like a wild horse.

@wheel probably even she does not count in your mind?
sock, oh yes everyone is a sock here even you?
Likewise, whisper half way that you voted for Trump and try hang on...

Does that say Salford, that could explain the strange behaviour of putting out the bins in ones underwear

Ever stranger is how the press got the photo, I wonder if she phoned someone in advance to give them a nudge FREE SHAG

corrected to reflect possible reality!
I am sure those throat muscles could be employed better than spouting some lefty outrage.........just an observation my friends ;-)

Depends on whether they have a gag reflex or not
Nasty female squaddie:

Female British soldier accused of glassing her 22-year-old squaddie best friend in Magaluf club 'faces attempted homicide trial and up to 15 years in prison'
Sydney Cole, 20, allegedly cut Sarah Ann Garrity's throat in Magaluf last year
Cole able to remain in the army after it took 'administrative action', reports claim
Miss Garrity opted not to press charges against her friend at the time of incident
Now, a magistrate in Spain said Cole should face attempted homicide charges

Sydney's the one on the right
View attachment 519008

View attachment 519009
What a sack of shit, two's badly fitted, wrong belt and capbadge not square.....still give it a rattle tho just on basis of smile and a windsor knot! (mind you only single)
True and sincerely heartbreaking however I doubt she will be trying to cheer herself up looking at the naafi threads on ARRSE.
Probably not though I do wonder who else might look and think that this is acceptable.

Also bear in mind a lot of people have lost kids through miscarriages etc.
Anyone fancy shagging, or worse still, attempting to reason with this blonde bombshell?

Jodie Arias.


Check out the 3-part documentary on Investigation Discovery about this little bunny boiler. Hacked her boyfriend to death and then shot him for good measure.

Looking good in prison uniform


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