Danger Fucks

It'll be like nailing a human female praying mantis. "Ah that was great dear ... (Rolls off to wipe cock on curtains) ... Er what's with the huge hedge trimmers?!"
Your missing the point, she only tops older women, no severed bell ends were ever found in her deep freeze....it's like Everest really, you do it because it's there.......I'd be on her like a tramp on chips myself!


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Got a (slight) touch of Rebecca De Mornay about her

...or is that Cod Mornay, mmm...
That gents is why bondage was invented, its not just for suprise sex; its a health and safety thing.
NO. How much is a Punt anyway.
At today's exchange rate it is roughly equivalent to 2.5 times the benign burbling post of a typical internet twat.


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Look on the bright side, you don't have to worry about dealing with the mother-in-law.

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