DANGER! Electric Sausage

"When at school in physics," claims Ben Yeats, "the rumour always went that if you put mains voltage across a sausage, the current passing through would cause it to cook. Twelve years later we tried it in my back garden. The
theory was that, as it cooked, it dried out, thus increasing in resistance. So, when it was no longer conducting, it would be ready to eat."

As you can see, the results are a little different to the myth. But they show promise.

Electric Sausage....

Laugh... I nearly shat myself!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Plant-Pilot said:
Very scientificly done. Well presented.... just don't expect me to turn up for a BBQ at your place!
At no occassion did I appear in the said video clip... however I feel with some refinement I might have to recreate the experiment to better avail!

If I can crack the problems do you still fancy a BBQ at mine?

Bratwurst a go go!
Fook it, after some boozed up banter the electric sausage experiment is going to be recreated.....

this time as well as a sausage we're going to experiment with a chicken breast, a steak, a watermelon and a grapefruit.

Stand by for the results!

(This type of malarkey is what beered up Sunday afternoons were made for!)

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