Dancing with The Big Boys

I've sometimes wondered about this one: Who, or what, is a Big Boy ? What do they dance ? Polka, waltz, hip-hop ? What kind of music do they dance to ? Come to that, where do they usually dance ? I only ask because my current gf often refers to me as Big Boy and I am wondering where to get some choreographed recreation.


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Big Boys dont dance. Unless Gloria Gaynor comes on with "I will survive". Then let children cleve to Mummy and clear some fucking space.
Personally, I'm not much of a dancer, so when I go to a nitespot I usually have a cattleprod in my trouser pocket, business end close to my very own business end. At the touch of a button I can suddenly make that wanker from Jamilliwhatever look like a wet rag.
Big boys do dance, they just take shit for it the rest of their lives.

Me and my bezzer went to a mates wedding once. Typical wedding featuring squaddies. Starts off civilized, decends into the last days of sodom and gomora.
I'm five foot seven and my mate is six foot four. A circle of bints formed on the dancefloor just as "ive had the time of my life" from Dirty Dancing kicked in. The rest is history. Needless to say he dropped me on the brides mother and she hasn't spoken to us since.
Indeedy, Shortfuse, you are a number one tipster. I feel like having a sesh with Doris Karloff off Strictly now !

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