Dancing with Squaddies

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pablo_Escobar, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. We've had dancing with stars, dancing on ice, dancing with wheelchairs and dancing with cripples.

    I give to you the next big thing dancing with squaddies.

    Squaddies so pissed they no not what or whom they dance with. Dry humping fat birds legs and trying to prize open piss flaps through summer dresses in the middle of the dance floor.

    Necking with women old enough to be their mother in a packed nightclub and generally having no shame.

    What categories would there be and who would be the judges?

    Any tales of dirty squaddie dancing?
  2. You'd definitely need a catagory involving inflammable gasses!
  3. Nick ****** the (then) unmarried Major of Pioneers (later promoted to half-colonel) that I knew in Bielefeld. He would spend at least one night a week trapping at the grab-a-granny evenings in the BallHaus just up the road from Ripon Kaserne. Very definitely qualified as a judge at such an event.

    I'd also be inclined to propose candidates from among my "Facebook friends" from 2RRF, Paderborn circa 1976 - when the local jailbait used to swarm round the pay-night main gate like groupies at a Bay City Rollers stage door . . .
  4. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Speak for yourself! :p
  5. Ah, the squaddie two step shuffle with the famous 'check pouches' arm movements. And the more drunk you are the more impressive it becomes. And of of course maintained at a quick march timing, regardless of the music being played. It repels other men and hypnotises drunk, fat horrendacrocopigs into dripping submission.
  6. Well there would certainly have be a close order foot drill cat, done to Suzy q, Mud etc; could be a sort of formation team thingy

    and of course The Dance of the flaming Arseholes.
  7. Piece of P155 only two step to learn
  8. I seem to recall every fecker (me included) throwing themselves on the floor, waving arms & legs in the air shouting "Dead Ant" whenever a particular Lulu song was played.

    Totally regardless of the occasion or venue.
  9. Royal Irish Rangers had a synchronised lawnmower team that used to form up on the edge of the dance floor and proceed to 'mow' the dance floor of blokes leaving behind only women, this allowed the next wave to close in for the kill. It was a technique that was mastered in Lithuania- i can still remember the slug trails being left all over the dance floor after that particular move was carried out!!
  10. You could have the 'Rambo', a sort of cross between the Rumba and Mambo. Then the 'Foxtrot, over' or my particular fave, as demonstrated at the Tower (RIP) in 'ull, the Colostomy two step.
  11. I thought it was 'The Dying Fly' dance?
  12. have the doubl leg maps of africa been mentioned yet