Dancing Queen

I nearly pi55ed myself when I saw this. What were the crabs thinking???



That's just ghastly........



The following comment is from a Senior Crab, just about sums them up:

But a senior officer said: "Flight Lt Blackmore has been suffering from psychological problems. It is possible that working at the gay disco has actually helped him to resolve these problems."

Fantastic!  ;D
Whatever happened to 'our' cross dresser, the REME Wo2 who was intent on having a sex change.  The last I heard of him/her/it was that he/she/it was posted to the 'Gender Desk' at LAND.  Don't know if this is true, sound3ed quite funny at the time.
He was on my EO course.  My how we laughed at the scenario which had WO2 Dave Toughman approach you in the morning to say he now wanted to be called Fiona, right up to the point when your man turned around to say that that was him.

Stilted silence ensued....

That said, this was some time ago and I think he was about to have plums removed (double orchidectomy just doesn't sound right), so no doubt he will be Philomena by now.


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