Dancing on Wheels?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bootifull, Jan 30, 2010.

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  1. Now I thought I had dreamt this last night but no it's reality!

    really dancin?
  2. Heather Mills will be pissed off wont she !

    Bang goes the public sympathy vote !
  3. I remember a documentary on BBC a few years ago about people in Ballroom dancing competitions for wheelchair users
  4. Wow, count me out, what next ? shooting for the blind ,opera for the mute

  5. Will they have pit lanes with pit teams just incase???
  6. Hello WW, not seen you about much mate. Alles OK? Food alright?
  7. :D thanks for asking PE4 still causing trouble ! Cant wait for BBq season, although chicken feed porridge is quite warming this time of the year ( honest luv its organic.. )

  8. Sweet Jesus! As if there aren't enough pointless dancing programmes on featuring celebrities you've neither heard of or care less about. You can just imagine some E&D fcukwit at the BBC dreaming this one up.

    How are they scored? "Well you feet were just ... well erm ... there on the end of your legs not doing much ... 10 points".

    Bring back KickStart for prime time tv.
  9. Shouldn't it be Wheely Dancin'?
  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    what songs will they be performing to?

    You Spin Me Round?
    This Wheels On Fire?

    or the greatest hits of Stealers Wheel?
  11. If the wheels interlock it could be 'Stuck in the middle with you'.
  12. "Window Lickers on Ice"

    Now that has potential, if they fall face down they'll stick to the ice, like licking a giant lolly.
    Different coloured helmets to differentiate the participants.
    introduce props and there will be carnage


    Might need a more PC title though
  13. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    well, we could combine the two and approach a well-known wheelchair maker for sponsorship...

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  14. The 'lifts' should be interesting! Who's going to loft who? Do all those mechanical bits to grab onto give the liftee an unfair advantage? Is the 'legged' partner allowed to push the chair or does it have to be propelled by the sitees own power?

    Its an absolute minefield rules-wise!!!
  15. I'm having visions of the paso doble...

    I cannot stop laughing

    ... actually fair enough - more of it I say, but it's a bit dodgy just having one person in a chair as they'll be partnered by someone on legs. I mean 2 people in a chair - even - everyone at the same level. One person standing - a bit weird...