Dance! Dance you fools!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Draft Dodger, Sep 6, 2013.

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  1. It just goes to show how fucking stupid your average graduate really is.
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  2. i doubt this would've been in the news if he'd gotten the job.

    i've been trying to come up with my interview technique. possibly just conventional questions but have them standing on one foot facing the corner, or have them stand outside the cubicle as i have a crap. say it gauges their response to difficult situations or some bollocks. i've not decided on anything yet though.
  3. All that time and tax payers money wasted when he could have been stacking shelves for the past three years.
  4. As usual Scott Adams was ahead of the curve...






  5. Drop your trousers and start cracking one off, whilst asking if they are a team player.
  6. It sounds more like something that Razz Prince would do to select staff for his 'Elite Selling Krew'... (Phoneshop)
  7. A guy I know went for a job as ambulance crew.One of the tests was an A4 sheet of paper which had seemingly random numbers printed on it,or possibly mathematical equations,he had no idea.No one else asked what they were supposed to do with them.
    He still has no idea what he was supposed to have done with it.
  8. 8055887203_6a02d1b172.jpg

  9. Pugel sticks... a cage... cow entrails.
  10. this one is very close to the mark!
  11. At least no one took polaroids...

    'You've charmed me'.