Dan Stone, trains special forces? www.combatskills.net

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JUSTTHOUGHT, May 26, 2011.

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  1. Anyone here heard of this guy?

    I have also been told he claims to have been SF as well.

    Apparently you cant train with him unless your SF......but its ok to buy his dvds!

    He has a facebook profile that has a profile pic of presumably him in a balaclava, well what else. See here:
    Log in | Facebook

    Here is his site HAND TO HAND COMBAT DVD and BLOG: Special Forces Pressure Points for Unarmed Self Defense a quick "whois" revealed this:

    CombatSkills.net - HAND TO HAND COMBAT DVD and BLOG: Special Forces Pressure Points for Unarmed Self Defense

    Perhaps a Ben Achison from Hereford?

    Anyone know of or about this chap?
  2. I don't think he'll give you your money back for the DVD even if you do find him.
  3. I din't buy his DVD's, one quick look at his site was enough for me!!
  4. Does Colin Farrell know that this fella has stolen his eyebrows??
  5. If it's only about hand jobs I'd rather not get involved....
  6. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    does he do an underwater knife fighting one?
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  7. "The unarmed combat pressure points and striking techniques on this training DVD represent the holy grail of self defence. You no longer need to attend hundreds self defense classes, learn several different styles, or read hundreds of books. Just learn the pressure points and techniques that really will knock out or destroy the enemy in every situation."

    Yeah, of course. That doesn't strike me as a load of bollocks at all!
  8. Go on, admit it, you ordered it from the classified adds in Soldier of Fortune didn't you? It's nothing to be ashamed of.
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  9. Hmmm... how did you know he had ads in SOF magazine?
  10. Erm, erm, I saw a copy once in the dentist's waiting room, I mean I got one as a present, as a joke, from one of my many many mates; none of whom live with their elderly mother and have an unhealthy interest in Third Reich memorabelia, honest.
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  11. Class! The best bit has to be his similarly balaclava sporting mate who is also presumably a trained deadly ninja with his top off. You only have to look at this man to see he is a highly trained and finely honed killer.

    He seemed to take offence at my thoughts on his pressure point bollocks, and he is none to keen on showing me his deadly system either......maybe just as well considering the following,
    "A Special Forces unarmed combat instructor demonstrates how to kill instantly with the most lethal martial arts techniques: www.combatskills.net"

    A quick search of his site details reveals
    Administrative contact:
    "Achison, Ben"
    Combat Skills
    191 New Park Rd
    Ware, Hertfordshire SG13 8RG

  12. "This hand to hand combat DVD is covert: no pictures on the disk, so only you know what it is.
    There is no pretty box and no pretty label on this DVD -
    just a unique and deadly training video burned onto a raw DVD for you.
    If you want hollywood quality then go and watch a nice love story at the cinema.
    (Hopefully you won't get murdered by a gang of thugs on the way home.)
    The sound is very slightly jumpy in places but not enough to stop you learning what you need.
    The self defence techniques on this DVD will let you k.o. or kill at will, using the most
    dangerous pressure points in the martial arts.
    Realistic and 'no-nonsense', this is simply the most effective self defense course in the world.

    Wonder what sort of "Combat" he has actually experienced ? Fights with his girlfreind, a good kicking down the youth club ?
  13. How will I tell it apart from all of my cunningly discrete dodgy German porn then? :?
  14. 'Covert DVD' = Can't afford to have them printed.
  15. translated as "my dad lets me burn these on his work computer from clips I find on youtube"
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