Dan Snow- fcuking bellend

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Rumpelstiltskin, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. Sorry, but watching him on TV right now with his pappy, with his pointy-hand-chop, 'Crack On!', chinos-wearing, pseudo-army officer shtick really fcuks me off. As I speak, he's cammed up & in CEFO, with Paras, saying 'yah absolutely' and nodding in a -I-know-where-you're-coming-from manner.

    They always use him as an expert on matters military. Why?

    Am I just a moaning cnut?
  2. You're moaning .. but he's the cnut!!!
  3. Yup....but i Agree...he's a Git!
  4. See him in the FiSH shop?? Christ!
  5. Concur.

    Seriously went off him the day he sat on the BBC Sofa banging on about cuts to the Infantry.

    No, he wasn't saying it was lunacy. Wonder if he's changed his mind now?
  6. Curiously enough, my missus, having watched a couple of programmes with Peter and his son remarked on just how much of a middle-class closed-shop the BBC is. Generations of father-so, mother-daughter of broadcasters and presenters find themselves employed in well-paid, expensed and pensioned (funded by the taxpayer) secure middle-class jobs closed to many outsiders. Entry into the BBC appears to be on the basis of 'who you know'.

    Apart from Peter and his son, the only examples I can give off the top of my Head are the Dimblebys

    Any others?
  7. I had to laugh at the facial cam

    a perfect example of "too little, too much and just right"

    I can see the Para Cpl now, "yes Dan, it looks well good mate, just right fella" Snigger Snigger
  8. Nanette Newman and Emma Forbes.
  9. The Krankies...
  10. John Noakes and Shep.
  11. Eve Pollard & Claudia Winkelman (I would, though).

    Alan, Giles, & Victoria Coren (again, I would)
  12. Gloria Hunniford and Caron Keating (RIP).
  13. You just know Euan Fcuking 'Punch Me' Blair's going to wind up on TV...
  14. Harry and Matthew Corbett
  15. Yeah, but Sooty's slutty friend Sue would get it too...

    It takes 5 fingers to even get her going FFS