Dan Carter to play Rugby in Europe

BBC Sport story

Dan Carter is reportedly taking a six month sabbatical after the NZ Autumn tour to stay in Europe to play rugby. Is this another nail in Southern Hemisphere rugby? All the Kiwis seem to be leaving for the Northern Hemisphere and its no longer just the older guys who are at the end of the playing days looking for a quick buck!

Question is where will he end up? France or England? Can't really see him playing in the Celtic League.
I heard he was joining an Italian club..

PM-88 said:
I heard he was joining an Italian club..

That makes sense. He will just be taking a break from the high pressures of Kiwi rugby, so Italy will be his best choice. All he will want to do is keep match fit for the next season down south, not risk the chance of injury in either France or Britain.
After last seasons six nations, I don't think the southern hemisphere has anything to worry about really.
He's not good enough to play for a Welsh side at the moment :)
He should go to the Cardiff Blues because:-

A) The Magners League isn't that intense.
B) Cardiff desperately need a decent outside half.
C) The clubs full of Kiwi's as it is.
D) I'm a selfish Barsteward.

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