Damson wine - can it be any good?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by EX_STAB, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. The garden and orchard are stuffed with Damsons and they need picking. Is Damson wine worth the effort? Can a really good fruit wine be made or is it always going to be a third rate syrupy thing?
  2. Yes damsons make a good wine. You need the following:

    1. A good recipe
    2. Good quality ingredients
    3. First rate hygiene
    4. Time - you can drink it after just a few weeks depending on brewing temperature and yeast type, but its besty after a year.
  3. We have decided that wine making is to be our new hobby........as of yesterday when we picked 5Kg each of blackberry, sloe, elderberry and rosehips in a trip out back to the woods.

    Any tips much appreciated, have ordered a "country wine kit" to make 5 gals from the aether and await its delivery, anything else I'm likely to need? other than some more demijohns which I am about to order?
  4. 4lbs of stoned fruit
    2lbs sugar

    Leave the pulp in water for 5 days to draw the colour and flavour
    Strain, add sugar and 1 oz of yeast plus 4pints of warm water- cold will kill the yeast
    After 2 days- when yeast is less vigorous make up to 1 gallon.

    Fermentation goes for 4 weeks et vola, Wine.
    Thick, sweet and heavy flavour
  5. question....is it alcoholic? Yes?? Then its gooooooooood!!! Simples!
  6. I'm probably looking at 40lbs of fruit. How do I stone 40 lbs of damsons?
  7. A Wah Ex??
    Surely not.

    There are 2 methods.
    Using fully ripe fruit

    Either cut in half with a knife or squeeze and pulp by hand
    Either way you remove the stones

    Hard, unripe but with good skin colour use to make flavoured spirit

    Take some whole Damsons (with stones) and cover with cheap Brandy
    Add a teaspoon of white sugar (as for all fermenting) for each bottle of Brandy.

    Also for Gin
    And try Damson Vodka- you might get near to the fruit vodka fron Poland

    So thats 30 gallons of wine plus 3 types of fruit spirit.
    You will have a lots of friends visiting over the winter months!
  8. Slightly off topic but.............
    is it practical and feasable to make sloe/gin/vodka in a plastic four pint milk container in lieu of a glass container?
    I've got all the ingrediants, time and recipe but given all my demi johns away! :?
  9. Yes.
  10. at the moment i have got damson vodka, sloe gin and cherry brandy ready for the pheasant beating season,all made in 4 pint plastic milk bottles.......so yep, you can use them, no plastic taste.
  11. Its fine if you 60/40 it in a pint glass with coke, dirty diesel, num num.

    Almost as destructive as rhubard cider
  12. Send LOCSTAT now.....???

    RV will be soonest.

  13. Bloody Great,Thanks............
    sloe wine etc. Ive made in the past I froze the fruit instead of pricking it with good results.
  14. The trees are laden with them, I've got loads.
  15. Damson Gin, Country bumpkin juice
    Multiples thereof:
    Bottle of cheapest supermarket gin (pints according to Mrs)
    Pound of sugar
    Pint damsons - pricked for the use of (raspberries even better)
    Suitable container - demi-john or similar
    mix ingredients in container shake and store in dark cool place
    Shake container every week for first month
    after min of three months decant and filter into bottles should be quite syrupy store back in dark
    this is ready to drink , however the longer you leave it and we are talking years here the better it gets.
    Do not be decieved, this is not a wine it a spirit with a cunningly disguised baseball bat it can creep up behind and smack you over the head, throw your clothes around the room, allow your wallet to be ransacked and sit on you chest not allowing you to get out of bed the following day the only cure is to have it for breakfast, be sure not to ingest any of the sediment from the bottom of the bottles as this has also been known to cause a spontaneous involuntary evacuation of the lower bowel.
    It still tastes good though and is a pretty good leg-opener