Damn your black heart, Heather Mills!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by seemahpoint, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. Damn your black heart, Heather Mills!


    Does anyone else wish she would skid in a dog's doings and crack her head on something walking home from Court? Oh, and if there are any rich pop singers who'll accept my un-pre-nupped hand in marriage, PMSL...
  2. Had to laugh at her bleating on the news today that "she won't be able to afford to take the kids first-class on flights anymore" - I thought £24M would be enough for plenty of first-class flights :roll: She always sticks her foot in the proverbial the harder she tries to gain public sympathy the gold-digging cow!
  3. Spot on.

    There are far too many of us who can't afford first class flights.

    With £16,000,000 cash, she should be able to find a good bank account at least.

    Even a mere 5% return on the above some nets her some £800,000 per annum gross.
  4. Sixty

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    Since it says that the school & nanny fees are being met by McCartney, is the average four-year-old really going to struggle on £35k a year?
  5. As well as the 24mil she gets 30 odd k in maintenance, that would buy a few first class flights too.
  6. She does pay less for shoes than the average punter,I hope that was factored in.And socks too.
  7. Yes but according to her, she needs the money to continue her "charidee work mate"
    "which has been her life for the last 20 years"
    Funny,I thought her life for the last 5 years has been screwing aging pop legends.
  8. 35k doesn't pay for that many First Class flights (ok, depends who you fly with and where to). My BA 1st London to Seattle flight last year (paid for by the client company, not me) was just under 8,000quid (flew out on a Monday and back on Friday at short notice).

    However with 16,000,000british beer tokens in the bank old hoppalong will be able to get 10% guaranteed rate of return (normally given to any cash deposit above 10,000,000GBP at the moment).

    As to the sentiment about Sir Paul being better off with a hooker, the total settlement works out at 16,600quid PER DAY for the old slapper.

    For that amount of money he could have gone to www-conti-models.com and had their entire portfolio of girls sucking his plums dry, 24 hours a day, for 22,500 euros a day (and he could have easily negotiated a decent discount)! Now which option would you prefer?

    edited because I got a decimal point in the wrong place. :oops: Still angry that the dirty biatch was on ten times my current pay.
  9. I was going to take your word for that, Dread, but I have decided that a little bit of research might be in order....

    To paraphrase someone famous, "I might be some time..." :D

  10. I wish she would skid into my bedroom. I rip off her leg and rodger her sensless with it.

    He's still fit and worth a good shagging. McCartney took it too far and married the bint, he'll know better next time.
  11. She makes my blood boil!!!!

    Only used the Charidee line to try and gain some sympathy from the media. She really does drop herself in it everytime she opens that gob.

    Bet she's only trying to stop the details being published to sell it to the highest bidder at a later date :evil:
  12. Did you see Macca's closing remarks though? Muttering as he left Court, "all will be revealed..."

    Think he's got some quality private grot of him and the Mrs? Her all nekkid, stumpy and stubbly? Him ditto? The mind boggles...
  13. How often does a toddler need to fly 1st Class to the US? Possibly time better spent at school to be honest.
  14. Serves the old git right. He knew as well as she did what it was all about when he bought her.I think it's time he grew up and realised the eatles are a spent force an dhe's living on past glory. It takes two to tango (mind , four legs tango best)
  15. Admit it guys, you would shag her. If only out of curiosity.

    Well I would anyway. Never shagged a stumpy.