Damn you auto-correct

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Soldier_Girl, Jul 27, 2011.

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  1. Your phones auto-correct seems to change "sure, I'll be there" to "damn, I'm working" at the last minute.

    Also, tends to change "London" to "Twickenham" randomly

    Damn phones ;)
  2. Funny, but I suspect many are bollocks.
  3. My old nokia used to change "I want to lick you pussy" to "I want to kick your puppy"
  4. i once sent a text to my grandmother asking if she wanted any coal...........dont try it at home!
  5. It's bollox. Pussies from cookies? Aye, right.

    P.S. I meant to type "Wow! OMG that is awesome!!!!!!!????!!!??!?!?!?!" but my auto correct kicked in.

  6. Don't be so certain! I sent a message from my iphone to the other senior Tech Adviser here asking him not to forget the TNT in the morning. My iphone sent "dont forget the TENT" He's a Belgian and sent me a message back asking WTF did I want with a tent.