Damn these open plan offices

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Oneshot, Aug 16, 2005.

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  1. Why oh why do i have to get seconded to an open plan office, where people from accross the other side of the room can see you 'arrseing' around!

    Am putting in a descreet left hand flanking manovure to aquire the desk thats in the corner and not overlooked, once done, i will need to prepare torepel boarders... stand to, stand to....

  2. I sit in an office, where as you walk in the door (always open) the first thing you see is my back and my computer screen. :cry:

    Not good when looking at pics in the gallery, or when Roxy's avatar is on screen :D
  3. Recently moved the computer in my office to face the door :D Makes life much easier!!!
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    True, damn Main Building open plan nonsense!

    Luckily I lurk in a quiet corner, so am not overlooked. Perhaps we should have a 'text only' version of ARRSE to remove avatars, and show nothing more than inoffensive (well, relatively speaking) words.
  5. Just claim that you have serious issues with having open space/room/door in your back and due to traumatising past events you are unable to deal with anything but safe and solid wall behind you (and a few sandbags for effect) and so on and so forth. You never know, depending on where you work they might get glassy eyed enough to give you a different desk with a screen that faces the room. :wink:
  6. Having to move tommorrow to a different office, happy days not, stuck with the dreaded civil service quiet people
  7. 8O
  8. I pinched a £200 security screen from my boss - unless you are square onto the screen it looks blank. People wonder why I can be typing like a maniac but my monitor looks off. Still, 8 months with it and no-one has reported me for laziness.
  9. Cool, i need one of those, (in fact maybe two, one for home so Mrs Oneshot can't see what I'm upto either!!!)
  10. Free to watch as much farmyard frottage and gay midget docking as you like then :wink:
  11. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Sadly not, as DII blocks most of the 'good' sites. However, with a bit of imagination, and the knowledge of one or two bits of terminology in foreign tongues, and bob's your uncle.....

    Anyway, if I wanted to see gay midget docking, etc., then Soho and Old Compton Street are just up the hill - why, the whole resources of this fine Capital are here for the abusing :)
  12. T_T_O

    forgot to mention that he will be moving into an office with lots of whinging Sniveling Serpents
  13. Everywhere but the toilet is bloody open plan esp. in MB. Thank fcuk I'm not there....... yet :evil:

    Although going for a shit without having to move from your desk is strangely desirable :D
  14. What about dividing screens in that case? Haven't you got those? Dreadful not to have any privacy at all. :evil:

    Though I quite like the loo idea as well. :D
  15. Not seen MB? I don't think they're allowed tbh - besides I wouldn't like to give Amey the satisfaction of charging a grand per body expression and joint movement they have to use to technically install.... basstads :D