damn peace protestors


why do they always protest when a democratic country wants to keep peace,but you never hear them complain when terrorists strike.they always condemn british and american actions but you never hear them complaining when an arab country or terrorist group strikes.i think
they're all really terrorist supporters and arab sympathisers.what do u lot think?? am i just catching the wrong idea here or am i right??
I think you'll find they're a fickle lot :-[ When the wars start they are the first out protesting on the street, but when they are caught up in terrorist attacks such as the Manchester bombings, numerous London bombings and Sept 11th, they also the first to ask why we are not doing enough to protect their MILKEY WHITE ARRSE'S!!! ;D ;D ;D
F**king leftist tree hugging pinkies, if they had lost a loved one to a terrorist strike or if we were speaking german, it may be a different matter.  They may support a true cause.

No, instead they are the cnuts who deface churchills monument, graffitti the cenotaph with 'don't glorify war',cut about the free planet (which many great men and women died to preserve) saying 'down with capitalists', die their hair pink, wear potato sacks and live in hedge monkey caravans:mad: :mad:

Sorry, they really p*ss me off.  Solution... the military should rule the country, burn these people as a cheap source of fuel, then make civpop walk on the left of the pavements to avoid town centre clutter whilst xmas shopping....

Any thoughts on short term hedge monkey solutions?
I think the Chinese had the right idea.  Roll over the w**nkers in a tank.  If they are daft enough to stand in front of a Challenger II more fool them! ;D
"Challenger 2 MBT in new front page of Arrse shocker"

lol Well, about time we had one to replace the septic one. ;D
Question is:

Were there any peace protesters underneath it at the time?

My last post could have read roll over or fall onto.  Different techniques, same result.

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