Damn my trade!



Hello all,

Starting to realise there's more to life than getting messed about.. However, I would still like to travel the world a bit and get a decent salary to go with it. I am a R. Sigs Spec Op (or EW Sys Op as they now like to call us 8O ) and have only the bog standard GCSEs (with good grades) because being young and naive, I was set on staying in the Army for 22 years! I am good with computers, however do not have many quals to back it up, apart from ECDL Expert. I definitely wish to pursue more IT qualifications before getting out.

It seems my trade has left me up the creek without a paddle in terms of getting experience for when I leave... I know it sounds like a tall order, but if anyone's been there and done it or got any good advice, it'd be much appreciated...
Pay for private training/distance learning. You will reap the rewards.
A degree would be the way forward if time allows - Southampton Solent do a 3 year distance learning Professional Computer Studies for example. You won't use the skills gained but it does get you past the cut. HND would probably be as useful but it takes as long!

MCSE is often a gatekeeper to admin jobs but they will spot a mile off if you don't have experience to back it up

Use your ELC fella its a grand now and 2 grand next year then theres your SLC i chose MSCA and cisco routing to back my fibre optics up and havent looked back since.
Transfer to System analyst, they dont get messed about as much mate....
Transfer to IS Engr and let the system pay. Get loads of experience in that trade and that is what gets you a job in civ st. But could you endure 3 more years though!! If not, and you are UK based see about getting some evening/weekend work on an IT Helpdesk for a local company. Say you will work for free. If not, are there and IT projects you could do on camp, ie, singlies broadband etc. The key is getting experience and 6 months proof of IT work will help more that a peice of paper. Talking from experience.


Cheers for the ideas, guys.. Still unsure as to what to do really. Definitely going to use up my learning credits, don't wanna blow my ELCs until I find something that's definitely going to be worthwhile though.

Cheers again..
IS Engr, Squirt. You have nothing to lose. PM me if you want more advice. Plus I want to see more girlies in the roster ;-)
Think a little bit laterally also. Would I be correct in assuming that EW Sys Ops are DV cleared? If so, there are a number of employers out there who would smile upon someone technically oriented whom Aunty Betty considers to be so reliable and who could give you some quite interesting opportunities.


IS has always been there in the back of my mind. I think it is definitely one of my more preferred options..

And crabtastic, yes we're DV cleared - so there is an upside about my trade after all!!
Squirt mate I take it youre at 14 Sigs ? Have-a-shag-West ? Was there in 97 mate and Im an ex spec op. When I got out in 01, I ended up working for a sat-comms company in the commercial sector earning pretty damn good money.. you'll be suprised at what your spec-op background can get you, and as previously said, if you've got DV your laughing mate - honestly ! Im out in Iraq at the moment with a security company and even though Id done 2 years in Afghanistan they still looked at my CV and were impressed with the skill set Id gained from the Army. However as the guys have said, if you want to go into IT, then get into the SysOp trade.. hope this advice helps...


Cheers mate.. Not at 14 any more, no. Would happily go back though!! Trying out my options before getting out. Just did a selection for Scarborough but as there were 14 of us going for one slot, I'm not going to hold my breath!!
Scarborough ? They still got sneakybeakies there then have they ? cool.. .what about GCHQ ? Again good dosh and the fanny in the town is great.. ahem.. good place to do "things" as well - we both know what were talking about...
Well I hope you succeed mate.. Im looking at going onto the rigs.. I dont care, Im a cashwhore !! ha ha ha ha

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