Damien Hursts "Verity"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by iPadPlodding, Oct 16, 2012.

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    Verity, (20 metres high bronze statue) has just gone up in Ilfracombe, Devon. Art or ARRSE is the question.

    Personally I think it's effing shite but then again I wouldn't know art if it fell on me (and knowing the Council Workers in North Devon it probably will)
  2. Scrap value to local pikeys?
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  3. It's hideous.
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  4. Says a post-op tranny? I bet you are no oil painting with 5 o'clock shadow and smudged lippy...
  5. It's OK for you I have to look at it everyday. It's like a massive pile of dog shite you try to step around but somehow manage to step in it!!
  6. Damien Hirst takes the piss out of us yet again....
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  7. When you are worth about £215m you can do what you want.
  8. He said he wanted to inspire Ilfracombe,to be more than just a staid seaside town,why?

    People visit Ilfracombe,for that reason,not to look at a'cop-off' of 'Mother Russia' without clothes,or skin! :?

    Don't worry,'good art' is what you like,crap art is what you don't like,and yes you're right,it and Damien are crap! :nod:
  9. Thats no way to talk about Ilfracombe...
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  10. Clearly you've never been to Ilfracombe!!!
  11. I fail to see the significance of a pregnant women wielding a sword?
    what is it trying to convey?
    pile of shyte.
  12. Says the man with an 'elasto-pussy' who if some of us on here are led to believe by others has been a ******* nightmare pre and post op.

    You do hold a certain status with me that few are afforded, in that if you have the slightest reason to be even remotely offended about absolutely anything at all that is proffered up on these forums as a topic of valid discussion you, will usually submit a 3-5 word statement of abject denegration, with nothing else to support it. You embody and typify the poor attitude and bearing of the trans-gender community, petal, it isn't the rest of the worlds fault that you would have preferred an 'inny' as opposed to an 'outy', cheer up! :)

    (******* moaning old Queens get right on my waxed and spray tanned tits .. )!
  13. A few months ago I went to his workshop in Gloustershire for an interview to become his Logistics Manager. Strange place and a strange set-up.

    In my research, all I could find out about the complex was the locals complaining about the stench of rotting carcases for his shark, cow, sheep, etc. works. I found myself sniffing a lot during the interview. I was testing the air, they probably thought I was caneing the Charlie! I didn't get offered a second initerview with The Man!
  14. Its the foetus hanging out that seems unnecessary. And a sword?
    I take he has footed the bill himself?
    Just you watch the local pikeys cut bits off it over the coming years. Bronz scrap value?

    Bit like Anthony Gormleys naked dudes at Formby - Why?