Damian Green arrest was supposed to be discreet

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. Top copper laments fcuk ups that catapulted the arrest of an MP straight to the front pages....

    The Times
  2. hmmm, I think that he's pretty naive if he thinks something like that would have been discreet.
  3. Another organisation where the people at the top are on another planet.
  4. I notice the guy who signed off on the arrest got the top job at the Met last week :eek:
  5. That is why they have "D Notices" isn't it?
  6. It was rather predictable wasn't it?
  7. By discreet i bet he means at 3AM with lots of Black Nomex, Ropes and smashed windows....

    Got to hunt down those Terrorists!
  8. It still doesn't detract from the fact that the whole, farcical affair was a small-minded, petty and vindictive revenge tour by that major arrsehole Jackboot Jaqui.

  9. What part of driving a bulldozer through centuries of British political privalage did he think would go un-noticed.

    Stilll as Zanu-labour has no idea of history, and a very big dose of dont do as I do, what can you expect
  10. What the Times decided not to say is that Quick told Cameron in the same conversation that Greens office was going to be searched.
  11. Oh....

    Well, that makes it all right then.
  12. but how long before was it mentioned?

    minutes, hours, days?

    would that be the review along the lines of "lets get as much sh!t on the opposition so that they dont win the next general election and we can have another 4 years of fcuking up this country"?
  13. Sven

    Is that in the public domain or is it conjecture?

    When making such a pertinent comment a source would be useful.

    The Guardian does not mention it either, both however state that Quick spoke to Cameron and asked for help in locating Green, and specifically points out that he did not reveal the intention to arrest him.

    Nor do any other of the accounts of the Commons Committee make the statement that Quick told Cameron he was going to search his offices.

    Nor can I find the statement on the website of the Committee
    concerned, as yet I have not trawled through the video of Quick giving his evidence as it is 1hr 53 mins long and I have not the time at the moment.


    Edited to add

    Having just found the relevant part of Quick's testimony, he never states that Green's parliamentary offices were to be searched, just that "premises" associated with Green in his conservation with Cameron.