Dame Vera Lynn: Stars need to do more for troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tremaine, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/music-news

    Read this today, and thought good on Dame Vera. If this has been done already, apologies. Anyway, see what you think.

    Dame Vera... "All I wanted to do was to help the boys. When I went to see them I lived just like they did, in grass huts with buckets of water instead of facilities." Hard to imagine (someone) doing that now. Is she surprised by the lack of public support famous musicians ..........are prepared to offer the troops now, scared, perhaps, to take a view in a politicised war?

    "I am," she nods sadly. "I don't know why it is that they don't do more and I don't think any young stars are writing songs for them either".

    "When you're on the front line, you need to know that you are not being forgotten, but that means going out to wherever the war is."

    Fame, in her view, comes with its own responsibilities. "It is your duty, part of the business, to take on the tough stuff otherwise you have no right to be in this business". ....""You can't have it all one way – be on the telly and the radio and make lots of money – and not offer anything to your followers when they need you."

    "But today's cult of celebrity, she fears, now means that "so many go into the business just to be famous, not because they are passionate about their craft". They don't pull their punches, these veterans, do they. Reminds me of Floyd, when asked about celebrity Chefs, but we won't get in to that again.
  2. To be honest when i'm on the front line I couldn't give a toss and the last thing I need is a comedian or singer to fuck up the little spare time I have. Most of them only go out there for the publicity anyway. The days of celebrities amusing our troops are not really needed now we have television, xbox, internet and everything else to keep the REMF's happy in theatre. And let's face it these celebrities don't go out to the FOB's to entertain where the grafters are.
  3. Not like a certain couple of celebs on Telic, who were waited on hand and foot and lived in an air conditioned tent while the rest of us made do. Would have liked to see the two of them live as we did.
  4. Absolutely annoy's the shit out of me seeing all the pic's in the papers and on the TV, all these Celebs f ucking prancing around with the blokes in Bastion while the fella's in the FOB's getting stuck in get forgotten about. As Fallshirmjager say's, why would you want to be fecked about having to pander to these tw ats when you've just come in off the ground and want a bit of decent downtime.