Dame Vera Lynn at No.1 in the Charts

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Sparky2339, Sep 13, 2009.

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  1. Just saw on BBC News.

    Dame Vera Lynn has gone to No.1, beating the just realeased Beatles back catalogue hands down.

    Well done that lassie :D
  2. Just read that online as well - superb news :D
  3. Well, you can't beat class, can you? Jaisus, she must be about a hunnert years old now. That's some going, and well done to her.

  4. I would.
  5. Still a young thing in her 90's :wink:
  6. And still making records? Now that really is phenomenal!

  7. Bugsy,

    You are a bit of a cnut - that is so funny. :D


    Back to Vera, here is a top link;

  8. Dame Vera is literally a wartime icon. In interviews on the Beeb website, she "worries about our Armed Forces" , and wonders who's buying the record.

    As her album's number one, I hope it means what I think it means. We don't have a modern day Vera, speaking out for the troops, on albums, and in the News. And we should have.
  9. Some folk have been touting Kath Jenkins here on Arrse as the new vera Lynn.

    Never could see it.

    But, watching her on that BBC prog about "this week in 1939".....

    Her eyes hypnotised me. Either that or she needs new contacts.

    I would, but lose the yellow peroxide look hen.
  10. Funny that Dame Vera Lynn is Number One in the UK.
    Yesterday I was "mildly" irritating my (American) wife, as i whistled and "sang" 'There'll Always be an England'.
    I was thinking of my Grandfather's rendition (good) of said song, Christmas Day 1970 or 1971
  11. Sparky me Owd!
    It also excludes you delusional Porridge Wogs from feeling like you won "God's lottery of Life", as you were not born English!
  12. Not born English??

    That's EXACTLY why we know we won that lottery of Life. :D
  13. Any wartime entertainer that hoovered up that much squaddie cock deserves a medal not just a number one.
  14. I never saw Arthur Askey's name mentioned....
  15. Well said Dame Vera.

    Edited to add:
    I have seen pictures or her in uniform during WW II. Was she in the service during the war or did she wear a uniform when overseas much as war correspondents wear uniforms.