Dame Vera & Jackie Stewart accuse the MOD of Haggling

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jimmy_Kranke, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. Not really sure why Jackie Stewart has waded in with the old Dame, however well done to him and her. I wonder if the Gov is dragging it Arrse, over the money because it is looking at any future fallout from the present warfighting.
  2. Sir Jackie was just interviewed over the phone on BBC News 24. He employs a lot of ex Army of GW1 vintage and already has a profile with charities for the disabled. And he's well connected and a good egg to boot.
  3. I notice they asked for a 'Mr Brown' rather than a 'Mr. Blair'. :)
  4. They are clearly both good Eggs;

    I really hate this govenment(or is it just snakeheaded politicians, I'm not sure), I've just noticed another thread from todays sunday mirror, regarding medical treatment of the troops serving now. Everyone in parliament seems to be using them as a political football, but doing nothing to really help.

    Its a sad state of affairs that we have to rely on Sir Jackie and Dame Vera to raise these issues, where the fcuk are all our political supporters with media clout. It disgusts me.
  5. The longer they delay the more will pass away and the less they will have to pay. Cynical but look back in history and see how true it is.
  6. Well done Dame Vera and Sir Jackie pity a few more 'Luvvies' haven't got the nessasary, to Openly Support They Who have Served.
  7. jonwilly wrote

    Never thought of Sir Jackie Stewart as a 'luvvie' jw. Formula 1 World Champion - 1969, 1971, 1973, no Oscars no BAFTAs.
  8. Well Seadog ya correct but he does move in thoes kind of circles with the arti farti crowd.