Dame KH

Watching Celebrity Ice Skating...

Anyone do her ?, get near her? grope her? it Get binned by her in Pops N`Eddies in Rhein D.

((NOT me , but just a question)) 8O
Dame Kiri? Too old and married for you, I reckon. Nice, though.

....oh, her....

No, you'd have been bottled if you tried.
SLR bloke

Yeah, I`ve heard, but just wondered....

had the archetypal experience in Pops n`Eddies once....typical drunken squaddie wanders in (me) spots a fit looking young "gel", doesn`t know the score...tries to smooze in....nearly gets his head caved in by her mate...she was more than a man than I`ll ever be....
Happened to me in Guildford, long time ago. Gorgeous lass, but with a heavily built (big-chinned and broken-nosed) WRAC companion who carried a weighted dildo. Had a headache for a week.
Guildford. Had its' ups and downs, but on the up side had an outstanding disco scene.

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