Discussion in 'Aviation' started by box-of-frogs, May 16, 2008.

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  1. Whatever the rights and wrongs of doing the mission, 60 feet above water at night in a Lancaster is mad! Balls of steel!!! Last surviving crewman is guest of honour. :salut:

  2. Sounds like Derwent reservoir's the place to be today - is anyone close enough to get there?
  3. I'm sure there'll be some photos here soon enough.
  4. Live coverage on the Beeb now.
  5. The dakota and lanc flew over our office about an hour or so ago, heard them before before I could see them.
  6. We were there in march, great place but not enough parking, even then it was busy, I would think today will be mayham! Not a problem for the tabbers and yompers out there :wink:
    Amazing when you stand there and look down the valley and think what they did.
    Worth a visit any other day, nice little museum(very little), great scenery and a nice shed thingy with burgers, hot dogs and stuff........and lots of fit elderly walkers! Fit as in healthy before you start!
    10 mins from the 'Devils Arrse' caverns, also worth a look.
  7. Brave men, one and all.

    Anyone doubting google 'Guy Gibson VC'
  8. Happenstance and boredom made me come across a tv programme last night featuring Billy Connolly on tour. He pitched up at the Derwent site, ripped two pieces of grass from the soil and explained that following a night at the theatre BW designed the 'spotlight' aiming system.

    His next twitter was the fact "that local farmers had to sign the Official Secrets Act". Not a mention of the aircrews loss of life or mission points of interest.
    " lovely view" and then moved off. Yes I know he's ex-15 Para but ???????