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We were there in march, great place but not enough parking, even then it was busy, I would think today will be mayham! Not a problem for the tabbers and yompers out there :wink:
Amazing when you stand there and look down the valley and think what they did.
Worth a visit any other day, nice little museum(very little), great scenery and a nice shed thingy with burgers, hot dogs and stuff........and lots of fit elderly walkers! Fit as in healthy before you start!
10 mins from the 'Devils Arrse' caverns, also worth a look.
Happenstance and boredom made me come across a tv programme last night featuring Billy Connolly on tour. He pitched up at the Derwent site, ripped two pieces of grass from the soil and explained that following a night at the theatre BW designed the 'spotlight' aiming system.

His next twitter was the fact "that local farmers had to sign the Official Secrets Act". Not a mention of the aircrews loss of life or mission points of interest.
" lovely view" and then moved off. Yes I know he's ex-15 Para but ???????

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