Dambusters to be remade

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by CarpeDiem, Dec 9, 2005.

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  1. Leave it alone, its a classic.

    I'd be interested to see them try and find a flying Wellington or a Mosquito though :D
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Bet they change the dog's name :)
  3. I'm almost certainly walking into a wah, but the Dambusters raid used Lancs.
  4. Who needs to find flying versions of the plane when they can just use computers to put the planes on the screen.

  5. They used Wellingtons for the training runs, hence the famous scene where Barnes Wallis blags one because he designed it!!
  6. Apparantly they want to concentrate more on the characters and private lives of the crews but are still uncertain about whether or not to include the dog :? :(
  7. They used Wellingtons in the design process of the bomb but the training runs were done in Lancs
  8. Yep! be changed to Blackie or something more pc acceptable.And I would not be surprised if it ends up a bleeding heart/angst film questioning the morals etc over what they did instead of portraying them for what they were-a bunch of very brave men who did some incredible deeds in very difficult times.Leave well alone I say!! the first film covered it well enough!
    The dog's name was 'Nigger' and he was run over just before Sqn Ldr Gibson left for his mission!
  9. CarpeDiem, that's what I meant, thank you for that, saved me having to go back and edit!


  10. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I remember reading a funny story about Guy Gibson in David Niven's 'Moon's a Balloon'. After the Dams Raid and being awarded the VC, he was invited to have dinner at 10 Downing Street with Churchill but went out on the p1ss, got laid and totally forgot about it. Classic drills! :D
  11. Quote "We shall have a bit more about the characters, about the private life of Guy Gibson and some of the key members of his team. We want to make it more three dimensional." The raid took place on the night of May 16, 1943, when 19 Lancasters of the specially formed 617 Squadron took off from Scampton in Lincolnshire. They breached the Mohne and Eder dams but eight bombers were lost and 53 crew killed.

    Leave it alone ........ The article says it wants to dig more into the characters of Guy Gibson. Jeez the men were heroes as were all Aircrew. I really do not care what quirks or foibles these men had!! The original film is a testament to all the brave aircrews that flew on these missions. My Grandfather was a Wireless Operator in Pathfinder Lancaster with 156 Squadron. He was killed sadly in 1944 returning from a mission over Leipzig. When i was a young lad my gran would sit me on her knee when Dambusters was on, and say to me that was what your Grandad flew in. So as you can imagine the film holds some special memories for me. I really dont want to see Jude Law or any other cr*p actor ruining a classic.

    Richard Todd portrayed Gibson in a way that many families coulds relate to a lost loved one.
  12. Id like to see the film go on and show the Tirpitz stuff and underground bunkers with the "tall boys" and "grand slams"
  13. Sliding down stairs on tea-trays is probably against HSE rules now, too... :roll:
  14. I don't think you could ever ruin the Classic original, but imagine what a new computerised film of it could be like, it will show the viewer a bit more realistically just exactly what these extraordinarily courageous men actually went through, imagine a 'Saving Private Ryan' style film but form a bomber crews perspective, Saving Private Ryan showed a nation in some way what their Grandfathers went through to provide them with the freedom they have today; it can't do any wrong, there isn't a modern film made yet that shows what these guys went through, apart from Memphis Belle but even that is fairly tame compared to what it must have been like!

    When is it due to be released?