Dambusters print (65th anniversary too)

No point fcuking about, I'll start at 100
Limited Edition, hence the £200 I paid recently. It was mentioned on the 'Begging Bowl' thread mate. I appreciate you may not have seen the post there.


PassingBells said:

Beat that MDN, you cheapskate.

Just been on the news, the flypast at Derwent water.

The print is unframed - bear this in mind when you bid. It is contained in a substantial protective roll.

It arrived 2 days ago and will be easy to forward on.

Edited to correct errors
If this goes for more than 450 I will pay to have it walnut framed and mounted.
If you aren't going to bid please don't trash the threads.

Is that 290 or a fcuk around?
Nice pics. Has anyone noticed the missing sluices.?

From your right hand side , as you face the photograph, I count 7. From your left hand side 2 (they are hidden in shadow).

It's still there, a lasting reminder from the crew of AJ-N (1) wave ED912/G.

Take off time - 2159.

Landing time - 0420.


Plt Off L.G. Knight RAAF.

Flight Engineer - Sgt. R.E. Grayston.

Navigator - Fg Off H.S. Hobday.

' That is all '

Edited - navigation.

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