Dambusters print (65th anniversary too)

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by Mighty_doh_nut, May 16, 2008.

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  1. No point fcuking about, I'll start at 100
  2. Sorry to be an arrse but is it a LE.CE, GCE?
  3. Limited Edition, hence the £200 I paid recently. It was mentioned on the 'Begging Bowl' thread mate. I appreciate you may not have seen the post there.


  4. I'll cover your costs.


    Beat that MDN, you cheapskate.
  5. So do I pay VAT then? :D

    Not having to pay n all that. :)

    150 quid it is.
  6. Too late make it 205 - less VAT :D
  7. 250

    Just been on the news, the flypast at Derwent water.

  8. The print is unframed - bear this in mind when you bid. It is contained in a substantial protective roll.

    It arrived 2 days ago and will be easy to forward on.

    Edited to correct errors
  9. If this goes for more than 450 I will pay to have it walnut framed and mounted.
  10. half a camel, a small blond girl found in portugal and a bottle of port!
  11. If you aren't going to bid please don't trash the threads.

    Is that 290 or a fcuk around?
  12. i'm having a butchers wednesday, my old man would go spakka for it!