Dambusters Come Home after 2 whole months...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Crazy_Legs, Oct 3, 2008.

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  1. Saw this on the Defence T'Interweb site:


    Well done and all that but 2 months FFS?? Apparently their engineers had to work for up to 12 hours ata time!!! Perhaps I made the wrong choice of arm after all... :roll:
  2. Apparantly the hotel budget was used up. Awful conditions, some of the men were two to an air conditioned corimec.
  3. When I was in Basra a couple of years ago some 'visiting' RAF pilots decided they had to hop down to Al Udeid as the accomodation in the COB wasn't up to scratch for their 2 night stay.

    I tactfully pointed out that it seemed acceptable to the several thousand Army bods who lived there for 6 months at a time.... :(
  4. If you'd tried harder at school you could of joined us instead of all the jealousy :wink:
    Reality time, squadron lads will serve about 6 months of the year away from home on various deployments, tours, exercises, and trips.

    Whilst back in the UK they will work 12 hour shifts day in, day out. The squadron will have manning for 24hrs a day. There are no early stacks on Friday's. Beer calls and socials rarely happen and when they do only half the sqdn can attend. Lunch breaks consist of 20 minutes grabbed where they can. And they have still have to do ceremonial duties, guard, working parties etc.

    How many of you can honestly say you work those sort of hours when you're not on ops. I know I can't. Saying that it's Friday and i'm going home in a couple of hours. :twisted:
  5. Yep, I can. Those hours and more. Doesn't mean I'm a better person. Still means you're a crab git though.
  6. Yes it's true. If I'd been a speccy no mates geek at school I could have been a mincing, whining civvie in a nylon uniform crying every time I had to get off my shiny arrse to go and tighten a screw or something instead of spending all my time on Army websites trying to pass myself off as a military man.
  7. Tank transporters do. 5 Days a week away from camp working up to 20 hour days. Tours are worse. At least we did when I left 8 years ago.
  8. It took you a whole 11 minutes to bite?!?! :D

    Away for 6 months of the year? Try doing Coy, Bn, Bde beat up training for 2-3 months followed by 1 month of PDT, a 6 month tour and then coming back to having to provide training support, attend courses etc before you go round the whole merry go round again. I'm afraid you won't find much sympathy here...

    I happen to have a good degree from a good university so worked plenty hard enough thank you!
  9. I'm sure there was a similar thread about 2 months ago............. And again in another 2 months...........
  10. And yet they keep on biting...! :D
  11. I'll bite to that! :D I was merely pointing out that there was a thread on exactly this topic 2 months ago! And no doubt the boss of whoever took over from that lot will want an article saying 'how hard his blokes worked'. Then someone else will want to fire up the outrage plane over a 2 month tour only to find it's run out of fuel! :D
  12. Ok. Point taken.

    (Note to self: Must not bite!!!)
  13. Aaah, the irony was lost on me at this time of the morning. Must go for coffee....!
  14. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Mate, you're leaving yourself WIDE open to abuse on this one. God job it's in C&A where sensibility prevails and not the NAAFI.
  15. I think Arrse needs a new sub forum entiled 'We hate crabs, movers, rocks etc;'