Dambusters at the flicks, 4 september

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Bravo_Bravo, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. TOMORROW, 4th SEPTEMBER there is a one-off chance to see the newly restored print of this classic 1954 film at Cinemas up and down the Country. This is part of the British Summer of Film festival. And the universal starting time seems to be 18.30hrs.

    here doggy!
  2. I wonder what the doggy will be called?
  3. I would hope that the dog will be called Nigger. I mean, that was its name , wasn't it?
  4. With a 'U' rating, that seems unlikely?
  5. 18:17 (617) should be more of an apt time 8)
  6. On my DVD the doggy is called Nigger. It's wiped on the TV Channels.

    Apres Moi Le Deluge..
  7. Dam! have they not kept the dog's name for the remake? political crapness! that was the little fella's name!!! :x
  8. "Here dog of afro-carribean descent, good boy"
  9. Should I let them know of my new house rule?

    If the dog isn't called Nigger, I won't watch it. If I am some how conned and only find out half way through the film that the said hound is not correctly named, I will walk out.

    Simple enough.
  10. And the code word for a successful strike.?
  11. I gather the dog is named accurately.
  12. And I quote;

    " Goner 'A' Apple".......

    " It's Nigger - IT'S GONE "

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  14. Just leave this thread as it is, I think it says it all.
  15. Im quite enjoying this British film season on at the mo.

    Saw the Wicker Man last week and Goldfinger a few weeks ago, looked fantastic in digitally remastered form.