Damascus blast kills at least 17

Damascus blast kills at least 17


At least 17 people been killed by a suspected car bomb in the Syrian capital Damascus, say local media reports.
A further 14 people are reported to have been wounded in the blast.
Witnesses say security forces have cordoned off the area, close to the airport road.
Syria's Dunia television said the explosion had targeted a security forces installation.
so who done it?

islamic fundies? a pro-western faction? mossad? bush? a power struggle within the Syrian security forces?

i really gotta start getting around to digging that fallout shelter in the back yard............
DrStealth said:
so who done it?

islamic fundies? a pro-western faction? mossad? bush? a power struggle within the Syrian security forces?
No not them its a combo of short sellers and investment bankers, the new enemy of mankind don't you know.
The locals will be enthusiastically blaming the Israelis. They do have a fondness for staging hits in Syria. It looks exceeding unlikely in this case. Mossad have built up some finesse when resorting to terrorist method. Large car bombs are characteristic of Syrian Intelligence when working abroad and these guys often have complex internecine agendas but there no news of any valuable target. While notably efficient neither service is immune to huge cock ups of course.

Trouble in Syria often comes in the form of Muslim Brothers muttering "Remember Hama!" but I don't recall this type of attack since the 80s. Amongst old skool Jihadis the Alawite Syrian state is a good deal less popular than Israel. Damascus is angling for a peace deal with Tel Aviv at the moment; that can't help. The expanding AQ franchise having overreached in Iraq has been reaping benefits in the neighborhood; particularly in the bit of Syria that the French shaved of to create Lebanon.

There's also over a million mostly impoverished exiled Iraqis resident in Syria. Like the hapless Pals in the 70s the refugee communities are cauldrons of radicalized resentment. Al Anbar has become a particularly unfriendly environment recently thanks to the Baath revanche and the supportive hand of Gen P. Some have time on their hands awaiting the final call to Jihad to expel "The Persians" from Baghdad. Some have acquired an MO of massacring Shi'a pilgrims.

The last would be my guess if asked what type of critter is being queued up for a Damascus Manicure about now.

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