Damage to hearing?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by yossarian, Dec 4, 2005.

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  1. Was on an OBUA exercise today and one of the other attacking sections dropped a grenade down the stairs and I got a large dose of chorley to the ear drums. *uck are they ringing! Nothing special I know but it got me wondering if anyone has any stories to tell concerning hearing damage. Im not really one to especially worry about my health - live hard, die young and all that , but am slightly concerned I might fail a future medical - im TA while im at university, but want to go regular soon.
  2. What???
  3. Get yourself to a quack pronto, get it ALL on record, write a statement, get it countersigned by someone i/c the ex, and get as much evidence as you can that you received an attributable injury, even if the ringing stops. Sadly, the damage has been done.

    One day, when you're a bit mutton, and looking at the door to civilisation, having that evidence could make a difference to the beer-coupon availibility.

    Yes, I know we're all ruffty-tuffty in our youth. But when (if) you make it through to the other end, you'll see how pointless it all was to pretend it didn't happen.
  4. I was TA in the mid '70s.

    Ear defenders then were a bit of rolled up 4x2. Some fcuk-wit SNCO didn't comment on my lack of hearing protection before firing a 66mm on basic training. I, being young and stupid, had never heard one fired before & thought that, since it was a rocket launcher, it would fire with a 'Whoosh' and a bang at the target. It didn't do that. *uck were they ringing! I bought some decent Bilsom ear-defenders shortly afterwards.

    Fast forward 30-odd years. Having been missing bits of conversations, listening to the telly at a volume that everyone in the house can hear and having people across the room tell me my own mobile is ringing, it dawned on me that my ears are BER. I find I have a high-frequency hearing loss & I got fitted with 2 NHS digital hearing aids. I wore them for a few weeks and wasn't greatly impressed. On the follow-up appointment, the lady says; "We don't set them at their full capacity at first. I'll do that for you......NOW."

    *uck, isn't everything loud! It's like I've had the Bilsom ear defenders on for the past 20 years. The hearing damage creeps up on you over 25/30 years and until you get it corrected, you've no idea as to how bad it has got.

    Does anyone have any you information about this? Can one apply for said beer coupons? There were no records kept at that time, because it was a fairly routine event.
  5. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I have been missing bits of conversation for close on 20 years for similar reasons.

    GPMG, Charlie G, SLR etc.
  6. Onetap and Cloudbuster have got it dead right. Hearing loss is so bad among servicemen that when I applied for compensation I found that the goalposts had been moved - it was something like 13% disability for anything else, but nearer 25% for hearing.

    Like Onetap, I'm one of the old and bold - I was firing .303 in the early '60s and 7.2 from '66 onwards with no hearing protection. I even fired the 84mm with 4x2 in my ears. And I am, not surprisingly, high tone deaf. The tv volume thing and the cocktail party roar are extremely annoying mementos of the services' ignorance and neglect.

    All you young chaps out there - don't let it happen to you - wear those ear defenders!
  7. You really do have to be deaf to get anything from HMG, I have tried for the last 15 years, but as I am only classed as 14% disabled (according to them)I get sod all. Hearing protection was rolled up 4x2, applealed and lost but awarede payment of lower standard of occupation, got that for 2 years then had it removed as powers that be said it was only given if you could not do your mil job when leaving and as you were there is nothing wrong with you. Have been reading case law and have found a good precednt that I will now hit the veterans agency with and see what happens. Please dont ask for it yet as I want to keep this one close to me for now. I am totally dissalusioned with the VA their forms are so loaded against applicants that they are a wastes of time.

    Out of interest my test with hte agancy to see if I was deaf consisted of the uK top ear man (so they said) told me to stick a finger in my ear and walk across the room while he "shouted" 12345etc and when I could not hear him raise my hand, well of course I heard him, on the basis of that test and no audiometery they assessed me at 1% and said sorry, when you raise it now you are told sorry you are really to old and must expect to start loosing your hearing.

    Angry from Gloucester
  8. The Royal Brittish Legion is the font of information on this particular medical negligence claim.
  9. Yeh thats who represented me and total crap they were neve soke up for me at all
  10. Maybe they did speak up and you didn't hear them.

    I'll get my coat.
  11. LOL

  12. I was in the TA in early 70's then went onto the regs in73, RAC/QDG. The time I realised I was mutton deef was I went to see a film and missed 80% of the spoken word. I put a claim in and got £1032 in 1987. Was classed as 0 - 5% disability. And I was wearing one of those plastic megaphone on me ear. Then on a routine check up at work I was informed by the doc ( I worked for an occupational health company) that I would most likely be stone deaf in about 10 years. eek.. in goes another claim. All of a sudden I'm assesed at 20% an get a pension. I was lucky I past the then whisper test when I joined TA, My first assesement when I was out of regs the doc sat on me shoulder an was bellowing like a banshee.. "Did some one say something" lol lol

    My last assesment put me just above the profoundly deaf line. I might just put in another claim. I'm now wearing a digital which has improved things no end.. bye bye feedback!!
  13. Well done Moss as they will not pay out under 20% now although sometimes a one off lump sum is payed.
  14. Yep, same here. Do you remember those pink plastic "mushrooms" they laughingly called ear defenders? As useful as a hand brake on a canoe. :(

    The good old Charlie G! Seemed such innocent fun at the time. :?
  15. Charlie G was an excellent way to clear out the sinnusus. Snot everywhere. LOL LO :lol: