Damage Done to Mud flaps and Ego...

Oh, the trials and tribulations of the rich and famous!

seems that Jenna Jameson the porn star - excuse me - renowned adult film actress [ 100+ films ]- is less than happy with her latest surgical upgrade.. Seems that she is miffed at the work of her mechanic in realigning her nether regions - her vaginaplasty is not what she ' expected' [ no thirty day guarantee on parts and labour??] and she is seeking further ' reconstruction ' to allieviate her 'stress' at the results of the first go round [ retread didn't take? ]

but, what's worse, the money types who were interested in producing a ' biopic ' based on her life story are now balking at some aspects/negotiations...

Seems that Jenna at 32! is over the hill and can't play herself [ also may not be the marquee draw to bring in the punters to fill the seats and trigger popcorn sales ] touted to portray Jenna in her prime is Scarlett Johansen who, at 22, is more of a 'draw ' [ though, Scarlet's no-nudity contract clause may put a crimp in some of the scenarios described in Jenna's expose of the porn industry and her significant part in it..]

Oh, the intrigue of Hollywood!! I'm enthralled and forced to check the fridge for another beer..


Have you seen the state of her recently though?

She looks like Joan Rivers. And only 32 you say.... Shame. I liked the innocent chipmunk look. Plastic fantastic doesn't do it for me.

Jennas first audition can be viewed in the video archives at www.toatallynsfw.com

It's a doozie! OBVIOUSLY NSFW!

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