Damage Control

It's obvious that Mrs Cheeks is a loose cannon of the first water.

I'll try and charm them on the YRF and keep our own ARRSE folk onside, following PTP's lead (Grunt up front, Gunners just behind, as usual).

I propose to post the poster design after lunch as "the next stage".

Iv'e no idea if NIMBYCON can mount a legal objection to the bike or anything else, but hopefully it will help calm some of our own loose cannons from posting stuff they may regret.

Peter - can you let us know when Mrs N has spoken to the YRF?
Cracking post on YRF FB - I give you two more comebacks from her before you lose it :x

Sadly, she suspended my account (I did ask her to) before she posted this:

Mrs BumCheeks said:
Thanks for the constructive comments - really clever arent you!

I soooo wanted to reply "well, yes, actually" :lol:
Moodybitch said:
Mrs Cheeks is a bike?
That's slanderous, young lady!!!!
She is making me madder and madder, what a retarded, dried-up, emotionally inept excuse for a woman.

After everyone has worked, and continues to work, so hard...she charges in and bully's everyone to satisfy her own desire to get in on the action ffs....truly pathetic.

I hope her husband leaves her.

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